Monday, September 06, 2010


I have booked a trip to NYC! Am going in January with Cameron and we are going to paint that freezing town red hot - well that's the plan and I can't wait! Have been looking to book a holiday for ages and this will be a great time of shows, drinks, hot guys and mincing up 5th Avenue in winter warmers!

I have also just seen a listing for Armistead Maupin's new book - Mary Ann in Autumn which is released in November. Now I admit I was a Johnny Come Lately with his previous novel, Michael Tolliver Lives and read it about two years after it had been released which was ridiculous really as I devoured the original 6 books of Tales Of The City. The cover looks great and I adore Maupin's writing style - it's like meeting up with an old friend whenever I read any of these books as the characters are so relatable even 30 years after they were originally written. Mary Ann Singleton as a character changed the most throughout the novels and appeared briefly in the last one so I'm looking forward to seeing how her story has evolved with Maupin's usual wit.

I managed to run the Great Scottish Run yesterday and my pins are sore today. It was only 10km but with little training and a sore knee I delivered in 51 minutes which was fabulous and I have a great sense of achievement. I nearly fell a few times throughout and was struggling but the last 3km I got my head down and just got in to the race!

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