Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Continuing on this review......

TOP TV MOMENTS - Again I can't list these in order of importance as they are all nothing short of fucking crazy amazing.

1 - Real Housewives of New Jersey - Teresa and Danielle going at it "Is Bitch Betta?" And then Danielle causing Teresa to have possibly a hairier baby than herself when questioning that Teresa's husband had a fling with her cousin?! I think.

2 - Eastenders and Corrie Live - Both excellent although I'm always an Easties fan so seeing Bradley move even after dying or Scott Maslen screw up his lines was great viewing. In Corrie, I expected more death after that tram crashed in. Rita telling the fireman to help himself to a toffee was rather inspired.

3 - Glee Season 1 Finale - Bohmeian Rhapsody intercut the choreography with a birth equals TV gold.

4 - Vampire Diaries Season 1 Finale - OMG Damon kissed Elena, Elena chops off John's fingers, FUCK! It's Katherine and John gets stabbed. I knew it was her, she had a kink in her hair!

5 - Dannii returns to X Factor - 3 outfit changes a new haircut and all filmed in Oz is what's called "upping the ante"

6 - Kylie and Scissor Sisters at Glastonbury - Saw on TV as she joined the band for Any Which Way and the crowd went ape-shit.

7 - True Blood Eric - I thought he was dead, well deader than a vampire normally is but no, he turns up full of mud and still manages to piss off Sookie.

8 - Robert McAllister dies in Brothers and Sisters - A car crash, lots of blood, Saul may have had HIV for like 100 years but Robert is really hurt and I cried like a bitch. It's because it was Rob Lowe.....

9 - Real Housewives of DC Reunion - Cat says Bollocks a lot and sounds so husky her voice could pull a sled AND she's British and still needs subtitles for the US viewers.

10 - The A List New York - Ryan says Reichen's play was "delicious" What a bitch! Although not as bitchy as Derek or maybe or Austin or maybe TJ - Fuck it, they are all bitches! I love it!

11 - Lauren Samuels singing Being Alive - Tacky reality show Over The Rainbow is too camp for words. Lauren Samuels sang the shit out of every song and yes she wasn't Dorothy. She's too good for Dorothy, get that girl in Company to sing Being Alive every night!

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