Monday, November 29, 2010


It sometimes seems as though this year, my blogging has taken a major back seat - with Twitter and Facebook and any other various ways of communicating to friends and people you really don't know from all over the world - blogging can get so 2004 for me.

The thing with blogging is that it does give me more of a chance to express myself in more than 140 characters (not that I'm a huge tweeter though do have an addiction to Facebook)

So this hiatus has included going to the gym an awful lot, booking up another holiday to NYC in January, seeing my friend recover rather brilliantly from a brain tumor, drinking a lot of alcohol, having some filthy sex and meeting some stars from Prisoner including Joan The Freak Ferguson. For the record, she was quite funny at times but didn't really want to be at the event if I'm being honest and was there just to make the money it appeared.

I could expand more on this but I'm pretty sure my 140 characters are up or that my one reader other than myself has a status update to complete! Will be checking in later as I have YET to complete my Top 25 Camp Movies of All Time some 4 years after starting it I think.

I've also been going against the grain and enjoying the company of men who are all in their twenties and younger than me for the most part. It's possible that my Dirty Thirties are taking over and I'm becoming one of those faux confident men I used to like the look of when I was first out on the gay scene. This however, completely threw me at the weekend when I met a guy who was fashionista fabulous and so hip it hurt. I was slightly tongue tied as he's cute as hell but we will see if I see him out again and am drunk enough to school this twenty something guy in the ways of this thirty something blogger! At the very least, I want to check out his piercings and bizarre hair cut!

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