Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Saturday night was one of the best nights out I've ever had. My all time favourite actress from Prisoner Cell Block H came to Glasgow for a fan event and I was enraptured. Amanda Muggleton returned to the UK and sparkled like Xmas. She was beyond fabulous, answered loads of questions about cast members and her time on the show, her time on Richmond Hill and lots of her theatre work. What was also nice was that she came round the entire table and gave us all a kiss hello and when she came to me she said "I met you before in Birmingham" which was wonderful for me as a huge fan!! She also dished with some gossip and told naughty stories.

One such story was that in a dining room scene early on, she had to make Carol Burns (Frankie Doyle) laugh on cue. Carol was notorious for being in character so Amanda as Chrissie whispered in her ear about Peta Toppano (Karen Travers) "I bet she farts when she fucks"

Amanda spent so much time the fans signing autographs, getting photos taken in her Chrissie outfit, she seemed to like my chest so she signed that as you can see from the photo above! I won an auction item of a rare framed photo of Amanda and Joan Ferguson. Maggie Kirkpatrick had signed this a few weeks before at an event and Amanda wrote a wonderful dedication to me. Everyone raved about the event and it truly was magical. Then the organiser Barry Campbell text me the next day to pick up the photo from the hotel as I'd left it there and lo and behold - I met Amanda again. We sat and had a drink in the bar and got chatting on a more personal level and I've come to the conclusion that she really is a wonderful lady. My lasting memory is walking Amanda to the train station arm in arm with her calling me "Her hero" I could swoon right now!!! One of Australia's best loved TV actresses and prolific theatre actresses and she was nothing short of amazing.


Mind Of Mine said...

It must have been awesome that she remembered you!

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